17.5k”m Bariloche- a piece of wonderful

If you do only one thing in Bariloche, this should be it.

At the top of Cerro Companeiro, after 30 minutes of going up through an enchanted forest, you reach this piece of wonderful. 30 minutes by bus from the center and on the top of the mountain i have discovered this piece of spectacular now. The view of Bariloche’s lakes and islands took my breath away and will always be waiting for you.

I climbed surrounded with various trees, flowers and sounds, little did i know i will see today one of the most beautiful views i will ever see. Walking around a small hill, blue sky above you, around you lakes and green mountains. You can see for miles away and wander on nature’s mysterious ways to have created this wonder.

At the top you can have a bite to eat and coffee in la confitura. I just wanted to stay therefore forever. Eventually i came down and walked all the way to Llao Llao 7 km you can travel by bus if you are not as crazy as i am. Getting there i found grand hotels, golf fields and luxury. It is a great place to cycle around and see the Swiss colony.

Only 20 km from the center, but a different world-poor to rich, golf courses in contrast to people living in sheds with nylon roofs and selling lavendar on the streets. We take all these views with us and what do we leave behind? I couldn’t stop thinking about it as i walked the stunning trails, such a stunning country, does it people get to see it too?

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  1. Pictures are lovely


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