Hoi An the Most Beautiful city in Vietnam

Delicate flowers, abstract patterns, colorful and everywhere-lanterns are the first thing that pops to your eyes i the ancient town, Hoi An. Decorating restaurants, shops and homes, they greet you with their light and beauty in the day or evening.

I arrived to Hoi An from Tam Coc and was captivated by the lovely city, unlike any other city in Vietnam. Small, cozy and so colorful, its yellow houses will make you fall in love in a heartbeat, just make sure to put in on your list.

I checked into my hostel at noon at went out to explore the town i heard so much about. Within 10 minutes i was in the town center, where the walls are yellow, lanters welcome you and souvenirs and coffee shops on each side just waiting for you to come in. The city is full of narrow alleyways to get lost in and watch how the city lives. Great art work and galleries are available for you to explore works by the amazing and talented artists. I really enjoyed visiting the museum for Precious Heritage, where you can enjoy photography work by a French photographer that documented in spectacular shots the minority groups in Vietnam. You can learn about the traditional costumes and traditions of every group and all for free! Yes, the entrance is free and you are invited to buy postcards, books or bookmarks with the beautiful pics.

If you are tired walking you can easily have coffee while enjoying the special atmosphere in the city with a great view of the street.

If you are planning to spend a few days, Hoi An is a great place to shop for clothes and have a dress or two tailor made for you. I simply enjoyed walking around the city.

If you think the pic above is stunning, exploring the city in the evening will leave you speachless. All the lanters lit up and you find yourself in a fairytale!

Do you agree with me? This magic exists only in Hoi An and waiting for you only.

At night you can visit the night market for some souvenirs, fresh juice or drink while enjoying the great view of the river and boats. You can go on a boat and light your own lantern, release it in the water for good luck.

The following day be sure to come back to the river and see the city from the other side. Just sitting on a bench, watch the boats and people on the bicycle, tourists and everyday life happening against the yellow house walls. It is quite a sight and i really enjoyed it. It was one of my favorite things to do.


I stayed for 2 nights and three days, so the second day i rented a bicycle and went to the beach! If you wish to escape the heat, ride to the Hidden beach and have it all to yourself. Just you, a good book and the waves..a great way to spend a sunny morning.

There are also day trips, if you want to visit the countryside. You can go to the marble mountain or My Son ruins. I prefered staying in town since i loved it so much and it really is very different from any city you will visit in Vietnam.

So, be sure to put it on your list and get ready for some Hoi An sunshine!


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  1. Lyn Douglas says:

    By far Hoi An is my favourite town in Vietnam. Hope to return soon


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