The best thing about travelling solo

I have been travelling solo for a month. I have been to many places and i have seen mountains, rivers, glaciers, lakes, flowers and beautiful skies. I have climbed mountains and seen world heritage sites that blew my mind away and left me in awe.

But, the best thing was all the people i met; the friends i have made for a morning, an evening, day and possibly for always.

With some people you will have breakfast or a great dinner. With others you wiĺl relax in the hostel, sharing your worlds. Some will give you a huge hug after talking for an hour and others will change your life and who you are.

You will meet them on a bus, spend the day together admiring Perito Moreno and later on they might invite you to their home, share their family and all they have with you.

You might meet them on the street in a faraway village, lost and confused, but eventually you will find your adventure on the way to the 14 colors hills in Jujuy.

Others you will meet at breakfast in your hostel and a “HELLO” will turn into a fantastic time, laughter and beautiful memories in the Salinas Grandes.

They will change who you are, how you feel, think and dream, and hopefully you might do the same for them.

I take these lovely souls, worlds, views and friends with me wherever I go.

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