5 Fun Things to do Solo: Traveling Alone Best Tips

Traveling solo is one of the best decisions I have made. From Argentina to South America, I have visited some amazing countries and places, and while I had a great time discovering every place and culture, meeting new people, I also found myself spending some time alone, and at times it could get lonely.

With time and experience:) I learned that there are quite a few things and activities to try, ones that will get you out there, socialize with locals and fellow travelers, get those blues away and might be the best time you have had in your life and here are the best to be your inspiration, if you are traveling solo for the first time or looking for some ideas for your next trip:)


Book a Food Tour

a food tour is a great opportunity to enjoy wonderful local cuisine, learn about the local culture and life in the city you are visiting, directly from a local guide. On a food tour you might get to meet other travelers as well, share experiences and have a blast as you try 13 courses together. Yes, if you get a chance to book a food tour in Ha Noi, Vietnam, you will taste 13 Vietnamese dishes, from rice ice- cream to amazing soup, egg coffee and other delights with the local guide Trang (Chang).

Culinary tours can be a bit pricey, but those delicious 3-4 hours are totally worth it




Join a Free City Walking Tour

Hostels usually offer free walking tours that include a visit to the market and tasting some local delicacies, visiting central landmarks, getting insider’s tips on the city and other perks, such as meeting new people. I try to do walking tour in every place I visit, and especially loved the tours in Buenos Aires, Cusco and Prague. The tours’ guides are amazing, friendly, fun and make history and sightseeing much more interesting than guide books.

Visit an Arts & Crafts fair

When I was in Buenos Aires, I stayed in the bohemian San Telmo neighborhood for a week and was lucky to visit the San Telmo street fair twice. It is the biggest market I have ever visited and offered live music, amazing food like empanada and local crafts like jewelry, bags, clothes and more. I brought a beautiful bracelet made from alpaca metal, Frida Khalo bag and souvenirs for my family.




Watch the Sunset

Morning, noon, sunset, evening, night, every city and island look absolutely different in every hour of the day. My favorite time of day is sunset because of the colors, hope, beauty and magic it brings along. Saying every day is a new day, every sunset is a new sunset, every person is different and dreams different, still most beautiful. I try to make time for sunset wherever I am, Venice, the Amazons or Santorini.


In the Great Outdoors

Fresh air, countryside and mountains, alone time with nature, a full day in the outdoors is great to re energize and high spirits:) I always make time in my travels for parks and outdoor. Prague has some amazing parks with views of the city and picnic spots, traveling to the Philippines is basically having a vacation in nature and Iguazu falls in Argentina are spectacular in scenery and a huge park (one can say) you will not want to leave.



Solo, but not lonely:)

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