Laguna de Torre

I arrived to El Chalten from El Calafate in the morning. I was eager to begin and explore the famous area, but not ready yet for Fitz Roy. So, i decided to trek to laguna Torre.

The road to it is 18 km of stunning landscape, green trees, Fitz roy in front of you and waterfall and river on the left. You will have to pay a lot to enjoy this view- pay in sweat, pain and despair at times when you fight strong wind, drizzling and extreme chalour at times. The weather here is crazy! You will want to take of all your clothes or snuggle up and not come out untill the wind stops.

Oh but the beauty of the surrounding is breathtaking. I packed lunch, fruit and water and as i stopped to take a rest i just couldn’t believe i was actually here.

After 9 km i arrived to the laguna where you see pieces from the glacier floating in the water and Fitz Roy. Be careful! I almost fell due to the strong wind. You can find shelter behind the rock, but it is very cold.

If you are attentive enough you might even see a fox walking around and fighting the wind.

If you plan to do the Fitz Roy, i recommend resting the day after the laguna or start with the Fitz, beacause you will feel every muscle in your body. TRUST ME

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