Why every Woman should Travel Alone

Yes, life is happier when you are part of the gang, but traveling solo is such a liberating, and exciting experience for women, regardless to your origin or destination.

A Soul in the Universe 2

Most backpackers say they love exploring nature and the great outdoors and culture when traveling. The only and best way to do so is by staying in homestays, very popular in South East Asia. This was a new adventure for me and very different from staying in hostels. Back in October I traveled to Vietnam…

A Soul in the Universe 1

With every trip I learned to be more independent, open to the universe and people, courageous and most of all I learned how little we, I need to be content and relaxed. From hotels I moved to hostels, staying with friends I knew for 2 days to jungle life in a wooden house in the Philippines and showering under the stars and to staying in a cave on my next trip in September.

What serenity is all about. oh, and good food too.

As I have told you, I’m an English teacher. Not so long ago I had a one-on-one lesson with one of the most interesting, strong and independent women I know. After working for many years in CEO positions she embarked on a new journey and teamed up with a partner in consulting services. She’s also…