El calafate-when dreams come true


Surrounded with mountains and glaciers, El Calafate is a great starting in your journey point to discover Patagonia.

From BA i took a flight to El Calafate and from the airport a bus. When you step out of the plane you find the most amazing view of blue sky, drifting white clouds, the glaciers behind them and the laguna in front of you. You feel like you are standing in front of the greatest work in the muesuem of nature.

30 min. Later i arrived to Bla hostel, booked my next trip to Perito Moreno glacier and headed to town. Cute and picturesque, it is small, inviting and lovely with its wooden shops. For lunch i had my first steak at Pietro’s place- highly recommended!

I was content and ready to explore the turquoise lagone i passed by earlier. After a 10 min. Walk i arrived to the beautiful green plain and bluer than blue reservation.

The city behind me, mountains  in the background and before blue sky and the blue lagoon, i had finaly realized i made it to Patagonia. After months of planning and researching, I was where i needed to be- my wildest dream came true- hiking on my own, out of my comfort zone, with basic Spanish and a smile.

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