Iguazu Falls-A force of nature

So one of the places my best friend kept pushing me to visit is Iguazu falls and until i actually visited and stood face to face with it, i couldn’t understand her constant nagging me. I have seen waterfalls before and so have you, but and there is a big BUT, you haven’t seen this one.

I stayed in a hostel in Puerto Iguazu and took the morning bus at 08.30am to try and avoid the tourists, boy how surprised i was when i realised they all tried to do the same!

No worries! There was enough place for all, but if you plan to visit during summer don’t plan on taking a postcard pic with the fantastic Devil’s throat, also the largest waterfall there. You need to take a train from the park’s entrance to this part, so do try to get there as early as possible as trains run only every 30 minutes.

When i got there my jaw dropped to the floor when i saw the flow and crazy force of the water, like a fierce devil about to endevour all. I got soaking wet in five minutes, but don’t worry you will be dry in 1 minute as it is sooo hot and humid there.

So i continued to explore this amazing nature wonder and did from all angles, up and down until my feet screamed for  help. You have to explore the falls in all trails to really understand the force, flow and amount of water running among the trees and palm trees. On the way you can make friends with the amazing butterflies as i have. Colorful, big and friendly, they will rest on your palm and let you admire them. There is something about them that just fascinates me; their tenderness, fragility, beauty and freedom to fly solo and part of a group.

You will also encounter lovely birds and other animals, the lucky ones who get to live in these beautiful falls.

I  had a great day exploring the falls, trying yo understand how it came to be and live so fiercly, hypnotizing everyone. It is definitely one of the best things i have done on this trip, realizing this world is a mystery and how lucky i was to explore one piece of it.



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