San Telmo-the place to live in Buenos Aires

Colors, art, architecture and best food around-San Telmo is the neighbourhood to stay in Buenos Aires.

I love art, especially street art and street markets. Walking around made me feel i am walking in a musuem under the blue sky. Every building is different from an architecture point of view; balconies, green plantation, plain or painted, wooden doors or modern metal, adding to it some graffiti here and there and you get the most artistic place ever.

If you are lucky and staying for the weekend, you can attend the San Telmo art market. Spreading on 4 km at least, you are in for a walk and some great shopping for the entire day. Frida Kahlo bags, t-shirts, jewelry, mate essentials and great street food!

Fresh squeezed orange juice, empanades, choripan, asado and beer with some excellent music coming out fr every corner-just pick between classic, American rock, traditional Brazilian or touching guitar tunes that will make your heart ache.

This market is open on Sunday only, but you also have San Telmo’s antique market with great food stands. I had the best hamburger ever at the white & red hamburger’s market. Avocado, nachos, hamburger, cheese and tomato with papas fritas and coke for only 130 peso! I enjoyed every bite and will definitely go back.

You can also buy some fresh fruit and veggies, bread, and of course antiques.

So if you are always looking for the heart of the city, authenticity, great pubs and delicious food-stay in San Telmo next time you are in Buenos Aires. Don’t forget to take a tango lesson while you are here-don’t be shy;)


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