Buenos Aires adventure

Despite what everyone says, Buenos Aires is not that scary or dangerous. IF you are cautious and don’t walk around with your head in the clouds.

I spent 8 days in BA at the end of my trip and had a blast. This is a great city for a solo traveler. If you are a woman you might get dirty looks, but that happens almost everywhere in the world.

After staying in Palermo in the beginning of the trip, this time i stayed in San Telmo and loved it! It has great food, bohemian vibes, art, history and food. If you are into street art, after Palermo, this is the place to explore it.

During my 8 days, i enjoyed San Telmo’s street fair twice, it takes place on Sunday and you will be able to taste amazing empanadas, buy Dulce de leche, do all your souvenirs shopping and find some cool stuff like handmade jewelry, Frida Kahlo bags and Mafalda t-shirts.

BA is full of great parks, like Palermo park and the Japanese gardens, if you are looking to escape the city, but take into consideration that you will have quite a lot of walking to do as no subte goes directly anywhere. So you find yourself walking to and from the station and then walking around the venue so wear comfy shoes!

As Argentina is the land of immigrants you will be surprised to discover they have an amazing Italian cuisine, but nothing beats their home dish-Milanesa with ham & cheese or actually any meat dish.

The milanesa is always served with french fries, fried egg, ham and cheese. Nice portion, recommended for two. If you want to try some street food, visit Puerto Madero on the weekend and try the Choriso pan. Puerto Madero is a great place for a relaxing time, situated by the river, it has a great view of the bridge de los mujeras, restaurants and park. It is definitely one of my BA favorites.

Another gem in BA is of course La Boca. I wouldn’t recommend spending an entire day their as the beautiful part is only one block. You can join a free tour arranged by Free walks BA. The hostel i stayed in America del Sur, organized a tour for us. It was combined with a tour around San Telmo and a few of us stayed in La Boca for lunch and a bit of exploring the street art that tells the place’s story in beautiful colors. If you turn around the corner from the touristic avenue, you will find a local restaurant with amazing meat dishes at half the price! The ultimate tip, don’t fall into touristic traps and don’t be afraid to walk a bit.

For nightlife, Palermo and San Telmo have amazing pubs and restaurants if you want to mingle with local young generation. Recoletta is also perfect for nightlife, but for the posh and high class society. So take your pick.

If you are in Recoletta, be sure to visit the cultural center, they have unique art exhibitions and it is walking distance from Malba.

Have a great time in BA, get a sube card, travel with the subte and bring comfy walking shoes and empty stomach because BA is all about walking and great food!

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