Me, Myself and the Blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to my brave and adventurous world!

My name is Paulina and i’m 32 years old, living in Israel, working as a content manager for an eCommerce company. I am a salsa dancer, traveler and risk taker in my free time.

The other day I sat with a young and handsome guy for a beer. He works in finance and enjoys playing with other people’s money and making money while taking risks. But, and there is a but:

I asked him: “what are you doing in your free time?”

He:”see friends, play football, go out whenever someone is free. Everyone are married+”.

So why not going out alone?

He:”alone? what will I do? get bored…”

Even the most confident and bold guy will not go on an exotic vacation alone or a pub on his own.

As a single lady, living in the 21th century, I want to explore and try everything this world has to offer!

This blog is dedicated to everyone who are afraid, shy and need a little push to do the same!

I’ll be writing about my experiences, alone and loving it, and will be happy to take on any challenge!



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  1. Livshits family says:

    Enjoy your jorney!
    We love you and wish you a lot of luck and happiness.


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