Bienvenido Perito Moreno

El Perito Moreno es genial!

After a two hours trip by bus from El Calafate, we arrived to the park, paid 330 pesos and discovered the most amazing glacier. It was my first visit to a glacier ever and i was blown away. White, enormous, deep blue in the cuts and incredible.

3-4 hours is enough time for you to view the glacier from multiple angles, take selfies and a lot of pics, but trust me even without pics you will never forget this view.

Around the glacier there are balconies, stairs that take you amidst a green forest, magical trees that branch out and create wonderful frames for photos.

Once in a while you hear a snap sound, meaning a small piece of the glacier just snapped and fell. Wear compy shoes, coat, hat and scarf and you are ready to sit in the one of the balconies, enjoy the view and wait for the next snap. You can pack your own lunch, coffee or tea and you will have the most amazing day. I can tell you i almost pinched myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

When you get back to the buses pick up point you will descend back and walk 20170120_192735-collage

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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Woohoo! Have to see how we can plan this into our bucket list trip to circumnavigate South America from BA to Santiago!


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