Jujuy-A journey of colors and history

Many of the backpackers i have met knew very little about this province and it is a shame since it is one of the unique and stunning places i have visited in Argentina.

Located up North, it is the land of colorful hills, geometric shaped cut outs in the landscape, huge cactuses that reach the sky, colorful markets, authentic art and native people living where it is hot during the day and freezing at night, selling delicious tortillas on street corners.

There art 3 main villages: Purmamarca from which you can take a trip to the Salinas Grandes, Tilcara, where you can visit the old city where the pre-hispanic people lived and Humawaca from which you can go on a trip to the Hornocal-the hills of 14 colors!

I stayed in the city, but staying in Tilcara can be a great option since it is in the middle of these villages and a great place to get the vibe and culture of this region.

If you only do one thing in Jujuy-visiting Humawaca and the Hornocal should be it. In the square you can find a guy with 4×4 jeep that will take you up to this amazing place. Located at 4,000 m above sea level, you will find yourself in front of a chain of hills, cut out in triangles and of 14 tones. The most special and intriguing thing i have ever seen! The ride there is also breathtaking as the road is curvy and among the mountains.

Leaving at 2 and back at 5 to the village you have time to enjoy the market and it is the best one around!

If you have time you should also do the trip to the Salinas Grandes, white salt desert with salt cannels! You will be hot, but the blue sky with the white salty ground is a must spot to visit and take some fun pics!!

For dinner or lunch you have to taste the homemade tortillas! Baked on the fire, they are a great snack. If you are into something more serious try some Lama brouchetta-delicious and soft!

Jujuy is definitely a region you cannot skip when you travel in Argentina, it is different in landscape, flavour, art, weather and will become part of your heart and soul. It has amazed me.

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