Argentina-an art gallery under the bluest sky-Free entry!

When I booked my trip to Argentina everyone talked about the amazing landscape and nature. I have seen many pics of the the mountains and landscape in Patagonia, lakes in Bariloche and desert views of the North and indeed they all looked like they were painted by a famous painter, perfect to be exhibited in a grand art gallery. However, no one spoke about the street art!

Without a doubt one of the best times i have had in this magnificent country was in exploring its walls, homes and streets, reading the stories, colors and images. From the South to North, the walls told me the stories of the people, young and old, the history of each city and village, the life, joy, sorrow, hopes and love each artist has for this country and his heritage.

In black & white or in bright colors, the city came to life on the walls. The walls screamed ‘help!’ and no more opression, violence at times and others walls showed images of the pre-hispanic people, lives that are no more and were brutally stopped, reminding the young generation of their history. Most of the times the walls tried to attract tourist to the local shops and restaurants in the hopes of earning another peso in a country where people live the streets or search the garbage for cartons and children sing for tourists as means of surviving in a country that its government doesn’t see how care nor see how beautiful their song is.

Art, rebellion, self-expression, culture, history and creativity-turn to life on the walls and all you have to do is open your eyes, turn around the corner or walk through the alleys to discover its beauty and real Argentina and its people. The beauty is not in the wide avenues and central streets. Don’t be afraid to wander around and get lost-you might end up facing the best views you have ever had.

Exploring the art was the second best thing i did on my own in Argentina and i had a blast!


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