Why spend 3 nights in Hanoi, Vietnam

Motorbikes, cars, food on bicylce and chaos- welcome to Hanoi, vietnam.

I must say when i landed in Hanoi on a sunny October morning i didn’t know what to expect and let me tell you this city will eat you alive if you hesitate or simply show hesitation. Motorbikes on the road, on the sidewalk, so many of them, carrying goods, people, people eith goods that you can see the person, families, yes if you are lucky you might see a family of four or five members on the same bike, it’s a gift.

Women kneeling on the sidewalk, cooking, preparing, selling food, so are you ready to cross the street?

My first day in Hanoi i just spent walking around, watching the hectic life of the hard-working people in Vietnam. Women cooking on the sidewalk, washing dishes, selling fruit, carrying fruit, in the sun, in the rain from morning to night, it is the Vietnamese woman that doesn’t stop, a true girl power symbol.

Living in narrow alleys, they are forced to support themselves by taking out the kitchen to the sidewalks, so what you get is a huge outdoor canteen.

Food is a huge part of Vietnamese culture, whether it is Pho soup, fresh spring rolls, cane sugar juice or egg coffee, everything is delicious and based on rice.

If you are looking to explore Vietnamese food, you have to book a food tour with Trang, a lovely local guide that will tell you everything about the Vietnamese culture, food and life, while taking you throught the streets of the old town, to family restaurants, trying 6 dishes and 2 deserts!

You can find her on Facebook, Trang Quoynh. The tour is 3 hours in the evening and you should book it at least 1-2 days in advance.

Another great option for the evening, but on the weekend only is the night market in the old city! Great souvenirs, bamboo chopsticks, art, clothes, watemelon print shirts and Vietnamese food at outstanding prices!

If you prefer to keep it low key and have a quiet evening or afternoon head out to Hoan Kiem lake or eat pizza at Pizza 4’P- you will thank me later or Vietnamese dishes at little Vietnam.

Hanoi is all about exploring food, street life and culture as well as planning day trips or your next Vietnamese adventure. If you need help in booking bus tickets, exploring the North or heading South, the team at Lilly’s travel will be happy to help any time!

If you are looking for a great hostel in the old town check out Hanoi Centre Hostel- great location, breakfast, rooms and people, definitely one of my favorites in Vietnam!

So, do you think you are ready for Hanoi?

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