Green and magical Da Lat of Vietnam

Tall and bright green, beautiful pine trees are the first thing i noticed as i was waking up on the sleeper bus from Hoi An to dreamy Da Lat. Their beauty will accompany you on your Da Lat adventure, making you feel you have arrived to an enchanted forest.

Getting off the bus in the city center you will be greeted by fresh air and cool climate, 20 degrees in October, extremly different from the climate in the rest of Vietnam. If you have been traveling for 2 weeks like me in North Vietnam, you will be happy to enjoy a few days in this cool weather and picturesque city.


So, after checking in to my wonderful hostel, Da Lat backpackers hostel, i explored the quite modern city and started with a fantastic branch at An’s cafe! Green, eco- friendly and charming it is right in the center and overlooks the busy street. I came back twice to this cafe because i just found it so lovely!

I then walked to the cable car to visit Truc Lam Budhist temple. The ride is about 15 minutes and the view is stunning! Again the beautiful pine trees, colorful houses and blue sky, what a wonderful way to explore Da Lat.

The temples are spectacular on their own, with peaceful gardens and sitting spots to just sit and relax. Da Lat is known for her flower, bloomimg in the cool air and protected from rain by the great mountains. The temples’ gardens will reveal the most unique and beautiful flowers of the city.


The following day i spend on a wonderful easy rider i booked in my hostel. Starting from a lake, through coffee, silk andushroom growing farms you will be captivated by the green countryside of Da Lat and to make it even betther you will visit Pongour and Elephant falls! I simply loved Pongour falls, it is the best time to enjoy them on full beauty.


On the third day i just explored the lake area, beautiful french quarter and visited the flower park. I highly recommend taking your time with exploring Da Lat. It is really not loke any other city in Vietnam. Its nature, streets and great restaurants will make you fall in love. In General i think it is best to spend at least 2-3 nights in every place to really appreciate the atmosphere.

Please if you plan a trip to Vietnam do not skip Da Lat!!

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