Marina Maximilian Blumin and the Piano

You know, Facebook is probably one of the best inventions of this century. Without it, I wouldn’t have found out that Marina Maximilian Blumin is back with a new and intimate piano concert in a theater close to my house! Walking out to the stage in a new and pink hairdo, wearing a sexy black dress, this woman is a goddess on stage and her voice is out of this world. You really get to experience some great moments and magnificent melodies that touch you to the core of your heart and soul, making it tremble and weep, when you are not afraid to get out of the house and attend a concert all alone.

But, remember, my motto is Solo, but not lonely, especially when you are enjoying live music, it’s just you and the piano, tunes that transfer you to far away lands, sealed boxes of the heart and feelings you wish to avoid. Marina brings to the stage her class, her elegance, sexy voice that can easily compete with Beyonce. Her lyrics, melodies, style and memories create songs that touch you whether she is behind the piano or rocking it on stage. She combines classic instruments with innovative electronic touch and captivates the entire audience.


My favorite song is probably ‘1990‘. Maximilian is of Russian descent and made Aliyah to Israel when she was 3, in 1990. I guess I really relate to the ideas of the song since I experienced the same when i was 5. The song is a mix of English and Russian, when words like ‘Freedom’ and ‘Happiness’ rise up from the Hebrew text, memories, sense of loss, IN-BETWEEN state, that many immigrants feel even after 20 years, not quite there, and not in the other place neither-and everything blends in to one unique song and soul.

One of the best things about watching her live is watching her move on stage, at some point she just surrenders to the music and dances, making you wish you could join her too. Singing in Hebrew, English and rapping in Russian, she is one of the best artists in today’s Israeli music scene.

So, I had a fantastic Friday night, don’t fear and next time your favorite artist is in town, buy a ticket and check his show-You will thank me later!

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