Weekend Getaway to the World’s Largest Makhtesh in Israel

They say that peace is created and found within oneself. But, a good spot for meditation on the edge of the desert, can only do speed good vibes up.           At the peak of Mount Negev and, shaped like an elongated heart, is Ramon Crater, one of my favorite weekend getaways destinations in the whole world. I have traveled to many countries, walked many trails, climbed up to various peaks in Argentina, the Philippines and Vietnam, all were spectacular, but there is no other path, steps that make my heart beat fast and then calm my soul and heart down, as the one leading to Makhtesh Crater from Silent Arrow, desert lodge.

40 km long, located outside of Mitzpe Ramon settlement, the Crater is a geological phenomena and together with the surrounding areas it forms a national reserve, where you can also admire wildlife, just walking around a few steps before you, close to the edge of the crater.


I traveled there 2 with friends and for the third time decided to return on my own. I stayed in a very cool, chill and hippie place, Silent Arrow, constructed from natural material, forming desert communal sleeping tents, lounge area and kitchen. The place is completely equipped for close to nature staying experience, without any electricity.



Get there on Friday, afternoon, unpack and head straight to the Makhtesh, just 15 minutes away from the lodge on foot. Watching the way the sun changes and colors the desert and landscape, right from the edge, is perfection, serenity and mind-blowing beauty.

A train from Tel-Aviv to Beer Sheva, a bus from Beer- Sheva to Mitzpe Ramon and 15 minutes waking from the town’s center to the lodge and you have reached Silent Arrow, on the edge of the most quite and tranquil place in Israel – Makhtesh Ramon and Negev Desert.


It is perfect if you want to explore and enjoy a different scenery, Israeli desert and of course relax and leave the world outside of the lodge’s entrance gate. At the end of the world, good vibes await you.


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