4 Days Guide Travel Solo To Kefalonia: Ionian Islands Greece

Already from the airplane window, I knew I was going to have an unforgettable holiday on Kefalonia island.

Very few know about Kefalonia Island, the sixth biggest Greek Island. I first discovered it via a story on Instagram, when the turquoise clear water of the Ionian sea jumped up from the screen. In general, I am an active traveler, and beaches are not really my cup of tea. However, as I kept watching the stories and researching online for the beautiful island of Kefalonia, I knew this was my next travel destination. In addition, the images reminded me so much of the Philippines, the dreamy islands, and the laid-back vibes.

Getting To Kefalonia Island

The flight to Kefalonia from Athens is less than an hour. My flight with Aegean was great, and I arrived at Argostoli airport, on Kefalonia island around 3 PM. Since I was staying in the Lassi area, the trip from the airport to my accommodation was about 20 minutes by the local bus. While you can easily take a taxi from the airport to your hotel, public transportation is 2 euros in comparison to 22 euros by taxi, a significant difference.

Where To Stay In Kefalonia

As I’ve mentioned before, I booked a cute studio apartment at Emma’s Studios in Lassi, which is a great area to stay in on Kefalonia. Lassi is just 20 minute walk from Argostoli, the island’s capital, the bay, and restaurants. In addition, my place was on the scenic Fanari road and had amazing beaches.

In addition, a local supermarket was just 400 m away, which was perfect for snacks on the beach and cooking light meals. This was also a great saver on eating out 3 times a day, and I could alternate between lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

Things To Do In Kefalonia

Hike Fanari Road

With green pine trees, lovely coves, pebbled beaches, and the turquoise Ionian sea, Fanari Road offers stunning views. I started walking right from Emma’s Studios, where I was staying in Lassi, and after 7 minutes of walking along the road, got off to a trail. Once I got off the main road I entered the beautiful coastline trail, walking along the seashore, through the lush green plantation, and the sea on my side. The trail is absolutely stunning, with scenic views, and lovely spots to stop and admire the views. In addition to the gorgeous views, the trail offers access to secluded beaches, coves, and places for swimming, away from the tourists.

In addition to the breathtaking views, Fanari Road takes you up to famous points on Kefalonia Island. For instance, Saints Theodore Lighthouse. A paved pathway leads to this charming lighthouse, waves breaking on the rocks, and strong winds playing in my hair, it is definitely one of the highlights of a day exploring Kefalonia. Then, a bit further up the coast, I reached another landmark, the waterwheel, and Katavothres, a geological phenomenon. It was such a beautiful day, that I didn’t mind the strong winds, and on my way back, I stopped for a swim on an amazing pebbled beach. While I am not a huge fan of sunbathing on chilling on the beach, the beaches in Kefalonia are so relaxing, that I spend a few hours on the beach daily. I would pack snacks, fruit, water, and head to the beach for swimming, reading, and admiring the lovely landscape around me.

Join A Day-Tour In Kefalonia

When I planned my trip to Greece I knew traveling by public transportation will be a challenge, especially on the islands. I had traveled to Santorini a few years before, and getting around on the island, to the beaches and the old towns, was difficult. That’s why this time around I decided to book a day trip in Kefalonia in advance. I booked a trip on GetYourGuide with hotel pickup and stops in Fiskardo, Drogarati Cave, and Melissani Lake, stopping at the photo stop of Myrtos beach, and the lovely Agia Effimia village.

The day trip began at Melissani Lake and Drogarati Cave. We could choose to visit both or only one of the places. Since I had visited more impressive stalactites and stalagmites caves on my trip to Vietnam, and Israel, I decided to have coffee instead. I did visit Melissani Lake, which is remarkable, and one of the most special places I have ever visited. The lake is a geological phenomenon, with rays of light shining on the crystal turquoise water through a round entrance in the once cave is a breathtaking view. While Melissani cave looks big in photos, it is quite small, and the boat ride is about 15 minutes circling the entire underground lake.

Our last stop was in Fiskardo village, one of the must-see places in Kefalonia. This picturesque village sits at the north tip of Kefalonia island, and is about 1 hour’s drive from Argostoli center, at the end of a scenic road. The village is charming and so small that you can cross it from end to end in a couple of hours. This was another advantage to visiting Fiskardo on an organized day trip from Argostoli. If I had traveled to Fiscardo by bus, I would need to spend an entire day in the village, since the bus to Fiskardo runs only twice a day, in the morning and at 5 pm. Moreover, I wouldn’t be able to admire the gorgeous views of Myrtos beach on the way back, because the public bus doesn’t stop there.

Where To Eat In Kefalonia

Lassi is the bars and restaurants area, so I was very lucky to stay in that area. Kefalos is a great restaurant in Lassi, with delicious food. I had dinner in Kefalos almost every evening, trying different dishes, like baked meat pie with potatoes and creamy cheese along with a glass of Kefalonian local wine. Another great place was Mel’s place, which is perfect for breakfast and lunch. I actually went back a couple of times for their crumbled cherry pie, so delicious.

Since I traveled at the end of the season, the restaurants had plenty of seating areas available. However, if you plan to travel to Kefalonia during the summer, then perhaps you will need to book in advance or research additional options.

Traveling Solo In Kefalonia

Traveling solo in Kefalonia was an incredible experience, and I will definitely come back to the Greek islands. Kefalonia is breathtaking, and I had the most relaxing time there exploring the beaches, and watching sunsets as I was eating a greek salad for dinner on the patio of the villa. The best thing was that I had allowed myself to wander, leave time for exploring, and daydream on a pebbled beach.

While I was a bit worried about getting around on the island, it was safe and easy. However, you can also travel by local bus, but then you will need to plan ahead since the bus goes once an hour. You can find the bus timetable here.

In conclusion, Kefalonia island is beautiful and worth staying for at least 4 days. Getting around is challenging, especially if you are a solo traveler that doesn’t drive a car. Nonetheless, Kefalonia is one of Greece’s hidden gems, having nature, sea, quaint little villages, amazing views, and, delicious cuisine. Kefalonia has definitely stolen a piece of my heart, and I would love to go back!

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