What serenity is all about. oh, and good food too.

As I have told you, I’m an English teacher. Not so long ago I had a one-on-one lesson with one of the most interesting, strong and independent women I know. After working for many years in CEO positions she embarked on a new journey and teamed up with a partner in consulting services. She’s also a member on a board of highly known and successful medical center in Israel as well as being a mentor for young students. She is a superwoman. When If asked her if she enjoys travelling for business, she said no: “it’s boring and very lonely.” Then, I asked: “what about going out solo, having a nice lunch?” again and to my astonishment she answered:”no, If I must, of course I go and eat but I don’t enjoy it”.

She is still an inspiration to me, but it left me quite bewildered.

We are all surrounded by people in our professional lives and personal. I must say sometimes an hour of silence is complete bliss. Therefore, after the  weather forecast predicted rainy and cold days ahead, after spending six days in an office, surrounded by four walls and no sunshine, I decided to act. In a state of complete exhaustion I took myself out for the day and decided to treat myself. I sat for lunch in the best sushi place on Eben Gvirol in Tel-Aviv, The Sushiya, raised a glass of cold beer to myself and watched the Tel-Avivians doing their weekend errands. I enjoyed every bite and sip and left my smartphone in the bag.

Afterwords, I walked through the Yarkon Park, where everyone ran, cycled, or just enjoyed the last day of sun before the storm. I walked and smiled, yes, alone, it was my time. me quality time.

When you’re with a friend sometimes it’s hard to admire the scenery because you’re wrapped up in a conversation, another endless conversation about the difficulty in finding a better and more creative job, an apartment in Tel-Aviv or just using the time better to experience as much as possible. Now imagine, hearing only your steps on the ground, noticing the color of the trees or their reflection in the water, sitting on a bench and closing your eyes-serenity.

You could do the same on the beach. The beach and parks are waiting for you, the comfy benches and tanning chairs are calling your name. stop staring at the pile of books on your bedside table, pick a book, an apple or banana, your sunglasses and comfy shoes and go out.

Don’t hesitate, your next sunny day may be weeks away.


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