Charming Treviso: Beautiful Day-Trip from Venice

My Italian getaway began with 3 amazing days in Venice and continued with a wonderful day trip to Treviso, just 20 minutes away by train. It is a small and picturesque city near Venice and is a great day trip option since it is tourist-free, with a few hidden and legendary canals, and obviously a…

8 Things that made me fall in Love with Venice

I spent 3 nights and 3 full days in Venice, It was my first time in Italy and I absolutely loved it and discovered why everyone’s eyes sparkle when they talk about Italy and Venice. The tiny city is full of magic, versatile architecture, colorful Venetians, life in every corner and bite – In only 3 days I have fallen in love with Venice. If saw a girl walking around with her sparkling eyes up and around, Nikon camera and heard the beating of her heart, it was me and here are the 7 things that made me fall in love with Venice from first glance