Charming Treviso: Beautiful Day-Trip from Venice

My Italian getaway began with 3 amazing days in Venice and continued with a wonderful day trip to Treviso, just 20 minutes away by train. It is a small and picturesque city near Venice and is a great day trip option since it is tourist-free, with a few hidden and legendary canals, and obviously a great way to discover and enjoy authentic Italian food, people and life. It was recommended to me by a friend and from the moment I stepped out of the train station into the small arched streets, I was under the city’s spell. Why you should get out of Venice and spend a day in Treviso?

Enjoy Venetian architecture

Without crowds of tourists blocking the bridges and views. As I was walking down the streets beautiful arched alleyways and buildings welcomed me with every step.

Find the Canals

There aren’t as many canals as there are in Venice and you really need to search them in Treviso. However, when you find a small canal it is just like finding a treasure, an architectural treasure you have all to yourself since here there are hardly any tourists fighting with you over the best view

Try Italian Food

Parpadela pasta with Fungi, the famous and divine Tiramissu with fantastic Cappuchino, Treviso’s home to great restaurants, where you can just sit back in Piazza Dei Signori or near the river, indulge in people watching, meet local Italians and feel right at home in this charming city.

Follow the city gates to discover the beautiful nature

Treviso is wonderful if you wish to escape the hectic center of Venice to discover to laid-back, serene Italian life. The city is surrounded with well-preserved walls and is crossed by the three canals Cagnan, Sile and Botteniga. Visiting the city in the autumn will allow you to enjoy the wonderful colors, swans in the canals and relax.

Visit Sait Nicholas church

Saint Nicholas church is a spectacular architectural site. Located just outside of the city and 10 minutes walk from Treviso train station. The interior is marvelous with the stunning fresco on the massive walls, making you feel quite surreal as you walk along the aisles.

People Watching

Riding their bicycles, reading the newspaper, walking the dogs out or just crossing the great squares, the people of Treviso are a wonderful sight to the eyes in their elegance and Italian style, looking absolutely immaculate.

Treviso is just 30 minutes away from Venice, by train. Free of tourists, quite, it is absolutely charming. I enjoyed discovering its squares, fountains, canals and people. You will most definitely find traveling guides on Treviso, but I hope my story will inspire you to travel and discover a bit of the Italy, through my eyes, a solo traveler, that looks for the untold, hidden away from public eye and touristic guides.

A bit more of magical Treviso…




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  1. You are so right. Treviso is fantastic. I know the city very well.


    1. paulinajukov says:

      I was pleasntly surprised and it was great getting away from touristic Venice for a day.


      1. I have been going up and down from Norway to Treviso for thirty years and love it. The countryside around it is also great.

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