Dirty Thirties, and birthday thoughts

I have always obeyed rules, put responsibilities first and fun last. I have been modest, shy, pleasant and followed courtesy rules.

Over the last 30 years I have gradually learnt to put myself first, find time to enjoy, make time for fun and understand that it is OK. I was an excellent student and pupil but at the expense of fun, while all my friends went out, partied, enjoyed a day at the beach or a concert, I stayed at home and crammed for an exam. I was always afraid to do things alone, always needed someone’s approval of the way I look, act and think. i let insecurities stop me, hesitated to speak out and look up. But, i learned to let go….

Today I know I am beautiful, smart, interesting, brave, sometimes crazy, lonely but never bored. I live my life without regrets, embracing the difficulties and always hoping for sunshine. Sometimes it is hard to follow your heart and keep dreaming. Sometimes it’s hard to keep going, walking, under the rain, up the hills when you’re soaking wet. Sometimes it’s hard to choose the other path, that no one has walked before. I have and it has led me to amazing paths, sometimes extremely difficult, but I endured and came out stronger and more determined.

people wished me a great birthday, find love, happiness, success and enjoy.

I wish myself to stay brave, be more adventurous, find love that will inspire me, take risks, travel more, be independent and happy!


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