London, Fairytale and Liberty

Close your eyes, what do you see? where do you want to be right now? where do you want to wake up tomorrow? have coffee? eat dinner or walk under the trees? feel the sun on your cheeks?

I am sure many of you say one day you’ll go to the place of your dreams, pack a suitcase and get on  plane. But, in a split second you realize your friends are busy, not interested or have money issues and you decide to wait. Wait because you are afraid to get bored, to get lost, to feel sad, to be laughed at when you take selfies… so you open your eyes and go back to your routine.

But, travelling alone is superb! let me tell you about my dream trip to London. For many many many years I dreamed about visiting London and last year I made my dream come true. I spent 8 wonderful days in fairy tale London all by myself and I had a blast!

I started planning my trip in March and in October I was ready. I had my breakfast at Petite a Manger, a cute and affordable chain, where you can get packed lunch, coffee and amazing pastry. I walked under the trees of all the parks and fell in love with Hyde park and Kensington. I ate shepherd pies and drank beer, visited the street markets and lovely Notting Hill as well as other famous neighborhoods.  Did my shopping in Primark and ate in China Town. Visited Museums and just walked and admired the street art, the architecture, the sky and the trees.

Imagine missing all of this magic just because I had no one to go with. It was one of the best experiences of my life; the first time I traveled alone, planned everything, did everything and didn’t go lost. I was free to do what I wanted, when and how I wanted it is addicting.  Remember I warned you. Now buy a ticket, pack a suitcase, go and have the time of your life!

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