Amore mio…

Imagine candle light, wooden floors, sitting in a cozy and magical restaurant while it’s raining outside and Eros Ramazzotti singing in the background.

A big bowl of beans soup, baked garlic bread, a glass of red wine and a magnificent bowl of pasta, broccoli, spinach, zucchini stripes and mushroom, covered with Parmesan cheese. Everything melting on the tip of your tongue and the smells tickle your nose.

For an hour an a half you forget the rain, cold, wet feet and grey sky. Every sense is awake and you are in a daze at the same time. Serenity and bliss. It might be uncomfortable stepping into a romantic restaurant all alone, but the experience is wonderful. You might look around you and see couples of friends or families sharing a table, exchanging loughs, chatting and smiling. But they are lost, oblivious to the magic of the food, atmosphere and joy in this small but cozy restaurant on Eben Gvirol. If you’re still unsure, after one glass of red wine, your worries will vanish away, and you’ll be lost but content in this enchanted Italian dream.

So, don’t hesitate, think of a restaurant you have always wanted to go to but postponed and waited for friends. There’s no need to be afraid or feel awkward, this is an experience you won’t want to miss. It is time to give in to desires, surrender to good food and wine. Book a table. enjoy.

Food is one of the biggest pleasures in life.2015-12-17_23.23.05[1]

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