Lola Marsh- an hour of fantasy

Imagine a crowd of people and you standing alone. In a few minutes the show will begin, but it is five minutes too far for a girl. standing alone in the crowd. Then, the lights and colors fill the room and the first tune makes the crowd disappear. A magical voice and enchanting melodies take you away.

The plastic flowers on the stage were nowhere to be seen and you find yourself in a far away land, drifting on clouds, under a spell. ‘Sirens’, ‘You’re Mine’ and other great songs, made the crowd move, sing, dance and made me dream of better times, sunny days and green fields.

The first time i saw Shoshana was in a reality singing competition a couple of years ago, she didn’t make it to the final, but her voice and special style left their mark on me and that is not an easy task at all.

Last night i was at my first Lola Marsh concert. The colors of the rainbow painted the stage and magnificent melodies filled the Barby club in Tel Aviv. Soft and quiet, rocky and mind blowing tunes, a unique style that cannot be defined. Some define it as pop, others as folk or indie, but in my opinion it is a lost battle. As some would be surprised at the fact I went to the concert all by myself, unable to understand how one can decide doing such a thing, so different from the social conventions. I say: do not try to frame, put into boxes and find logic in everything. Sometimes you just need to close your eyes and listen. Listen to yourself, and your voice and it will take you through dark alleys into a club with magnificent music.

Whenever there is great music, everything else becomes mute. For an hour, short and majestic, there was no crowd, just me on the moon.



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  1. petitewise says:

    I’ll have to check her out! Sounds right up my alley. 🙂

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    1. paulinajukov says:

      They are amazing!


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