Photography, People, Perspective.

When you look around in a photography exhibition, beside the photos you always see, or more accurate, hear those who try to speak louder than the images, louder than their partners or friends. You can also always see those who are lost, bored or were dragged their by their loved ones.



Imagine you are alone, walk into a hall and there it is, a picture that speaks louder than words and it is speaking to you. All you need is listen, admire and contemplate. There is no one around, that is the magic in attending the International photography festival, taking place in Jaffa Port, Tel-Aviv, Israel. A magic I experienced yesterday and loved it!

Photography is my hobby, passion and art. In this festival you can see collections of people’s living rooms, Buildings, Spaces, people, the Jewish community in India, the Gypsies in Romania and Antonin Kratochvil’s works documenting people suffering, a woman in Iraq fetching a bowl of water to her friends, across a desert, men slaving in diamond fields, women in tobacco factories, standing and slaving on their feet. It brought tears to my eyes and perspective into my world.


When you are invited and given a glimpse into another’s person’s eyes, lens, world, take the time to admire and learn in silence. Appreciating the work of others should be personal. You don’t need someone holding your hand and whispering in your ear. When you are alone, you can notice that there is a smiley on the entrance door to one of the darkest collection of works, presenting human suffer, you’ll be amazed. Go to the festival, open your eyes, look at the camera, faces, frames, walls and of course the beautiful port of Jaffa. Take a picture of your own.


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