Bienvenido Buenos Aires

Chic boutiques in Palermo, beautiful avenues and one magical book store- let me take you on a trip on my first day in BA.

Arriving to the humid BA after 20 hours on a plane-only a lunatic will decide to take a shower and go sightseeing. I was picked up by a super cool driver, sent from my hostel 70 30, dropped off to discover my room won’t be ready before 3pm. I had to take a shower so imagine how much effort i put in to try and find my shower bag in one huge muchila.

Born as a new person(not really) i went out to explore Palermo. It was everything i had read it would be-colorful, hip and happy. I went by foot as my hostel is situated in the center. A few blocks, and after a lot of cool street art i had arrived to heaven-burgers joint is where you will find the best and delicious burgers, served with crispy fries and beer, you will enjoy every bite and take in the atmosphere and wall art.

After this superb lunch i went back to my hostel, took my stuff and went on a journey in this great city to find the even greateset book store. I walked about an hour (even more) when i finally arrived to this majestic, once a movie theatre, book store. El Ateneo- magnificent paintings on the ceiling, art work and gold accents on the pillars, this store difinitely deserves the title “the second most beautiful book store in the world”. Sit on the chairs and read a book, explore all three stories-drink a cup of coffee because you won’t want to leave. The store is located on the busy Santa Fe av. Long and full of stores and restaurants you will find everything you need here as well as broken sidewalks and families of beggers.

It looks luxurious, but as really look you will see that all the women carry backpacks in front of them and keep their shoulder bags in the front. Anyone  has the potential to take all your possessions without you noticing. Cracked sidewalks, a man with a dirty baby and an entire family on the street- BA is beautiful in its architecture, yet scary if you look through thr cracks.

To be continued



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