Travel back in time to Jaffa

It was a Friday morning. I was working all week from home while it was stormy outside and colder than the snow queen’s home. I needed a fairytale and inspiration. I woke up fairly early and the sun smiled at me. I decided it is time for a trip.

After half an hour on a bus i finally arrived to the promised land, or more accurately  I arrived in Jaffa. Friday morning is the best time to be there and have the full Jaffa experience. I started with a cup of coffee and almond croissant at Milk, a cute coffee shop where you will be spoiled and pampered by the friendly staff. I continued to the famous clock tower that at this time of year isn’t standing alone, but enjoys the company of a huge and stunning christmas tree! In Jaffa you would be able to see mosques, churches and synagogues, all living together in harmony.

You could walk in its narrow streets, made of stone and adorned with blue windows. Enjoy opera on the street, funky live music and theatre. Shop for souvenirs and complete your jewelry collection with a unique handmade piece. It is the place that inspires me to dream big, travel, explore, drink a smoothie and relax.

Jaffa will take you on a journey in art, architecture, history, sea and culinary trip that will make your senses go wild. It is where you will feel peace and completely free.

In any weather and state of mind- visit and be awed. I am every single time.



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