El Chalten from all angles

Today it is pouring rain, but yesterday it was a beautiful day! It is another example of the crazy weather here in the town of winds, El Chalten.

If you have a few days here it is good to break and combine the long treks with short ones. Yesterday i went to the both miradors and the waterfall. I started from thw waterfall as it was the closest point to my hostel. You walk for an hour and get to this peaceful spot and discover a lovely waterfall! It is a great place to sit, enjoy the sunny day and view of the picturesque waterfall. I loved it and think it is a real gem in El Chalten!

Aterwords i went to the other side of town to both miradors. I started from the comodors, the trail is uphill, but when you get there the view is spectacular. Fitz roy, green hills and a view of the entire town is breathtaking.

The wind was so strong i couldn’t stand, so i all my pics of me sitting or trying to resist the wind. Met a cool brazilian that served as my private photographer.

Afterwords i went to the second view point where you can enjoy the view of Bahia lake and rocky mountains.be careful going down as the wind is extremly strong.

These three spots are a perfect way to spend a sunny day in El Chalten and experience its diversed beauty.


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