Turquoise laguna de los tres

If you travel to South America, Patagonia should top your bucket list alongside Fitz Roy and Laguna de los tres.

I have been i El  Chalten for 4 nights and 5 full days and the Laguna de los tres trek was the hardest and most special.

I booked a transfer to El Pilar point, a great point to start your trek from if you don’t want to see the same view twice.

It takes about 30 minutes to get to that point and if it is a great sunny day you will be able to see the Fitz in its glory. It is very cold so be ready with your winter gear!

The trail is not hard and you will pass by the Piadras blancas and Poincont camping site if you are into camping. After 2 hours you will reach the last kilometer, steep trail of stone stairs, slippery and exposed to wind. I thought i was in great shape until this point. The stairs at some points are high and made my life, i am petite,  very difficult. I thought i won’t make it to the top, there were moments i wanted to stop and go back, but the view at the top was just captivating and like nothing i have seen before.

Turquoise clear water, still and tranquil with the Fitz in the background. The laguna will make you feel you could jump into it after the long climb, but it is freezing cold!

If you are lucky you will have a beautiful day, no clouds or wind, perfect to have lunch under the blue sky on the laguna’s shore. I sat there for an hour admiring the magnificent world and how lucky i am that i could see it. It is definitely a sight everyone should see once in their life. It moved me to tears.

12 km that were totally worth the long way back with aching knees and feet.

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