Pucon-dance on a volcano

Imagine having a volcano following you.

In Pucon, Chile, it will.

I didn’t plan to travel to Pucon, but that what happens when you travel alone, looking for things to amaze you. I took a seven hour bus ride from Bariloche with Andesmar and after crossing the border arrived to this picturesque holiday town.

My hostel was far from the city and surrounded with mountains. I woke up the next morning and drank coffee with the magnificent mountains before me. Watching as the clouds descend and the gigantic hills uncovered was something spectacular.

Most people come to this town to climb the volcano Viallirica, and that was my plan. However weather was bad and not enough snow at the top to slide down so i decided to book a jeep tour to explore it.

I was joined by a German friend i met at the hostel and we went on a trip on the volcano. We booked it at Aguaventura company, owned by Benua, a frenchman who was also our jeep driver. An Israeli girl, German and French guy-possible only when you are travelling alone.

The ride was great, as we left the clouds behind got up to the volcano and arrived to blue sky. You stand there and cannot believe these things exist, miracle of nature. You discover the greatest things when you travel alone and the greatest people that inspire you and leave you i awe.

It was a 2 hours trip, leaving you plenty of time to explore the wooden town if you visit only for two days. Restaurants, travel agencies, souvenir shopping and hills all around you, i fell in love.

I stayed 2 nights and danced to Queen’s music in the evening as the day ended and darkness descended. Who would have thought that it is possible to travel across the world, dance on a volcano and feel so blissful?


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