Explore Tel-Aviv

What’s the best thing to do solo? It’s not eating, dancing or running, but exploring the city and country you live in. No need to spend a fortune, learn a new language, leave your friends and family, find a home sitter or worry how you are going to pay for rent and live without a monthly salary. Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE traveling, but my new favorite hobby-photography, makes me feel like a tourist in my backyard and i love it!

Being behind a camera Definitely gives you a new perspective-you can discover one place over and over again from different angles and fall in love with it at least once a week:)

So, where have i traveled recently? Tel-Aviv, the most colorful, diverse and captivating city in Israel. If you haven’t been to Tel-Aviv yet and planning to go, the first place you should start at is Rothschild Boulevard.  People observing, having a picnic under the trees, relax with a cool smoothie after exploring the colorful and renovated architectural gems in the side streets, renting a bike and cycling along it-you can easily spend the whole day on this long and picturesque boulevard. So wear comfy shoes, grab your hat, water, apple and cam, because i am taking you on a new adventure Tel-Aviv style.

Along modern skyscrapers, you will see old Tel-Aviv with American architecture, watch the hip and young people grabbing a drink after work, walking their dogs and simply enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. Because once you get there you will feel relaxed, care-free and that life is simply beautiful. You can grab lunch or dinner at one of  many trendy bars and restaurants; you can choose from Asian cuisine like Vong, Ma Pau for Indian delights, burger places and Max Brener for sweet desserts.

It’s a great after work getaway- relax after a 9 hours work day on my laptop, some fresh air, urban exploration and feeling abroad for a few hours. Step after step you discover another corner, another building, look up and amazed all over again.

From there you can continue on foot to King George for a bit of shopping or Nachalat Binyamin for some art & crafts or…

Stay tuned to discover where we are going next.

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