The Luxury of Being Solo

I am 31, solo, but not lonely.

I woke up today to a sunny and warm day. I opened my eyes and day with reading a piece on Facebook about sex traffic in Romania. It’s the default option for all women and girls at the tender age of 14. 4 hours away from Israel, from my reality, my freedom, from me, women wake up or go to sleep after quite a different reality. 

Today, at the age of 31, i visited an amusement park. I screamed when i was high up in the air, i had the privilage to navigate the wheel at the bumping cars as i wanted, in the direction of my choice without a man hovering over me. I had the privilage to eat ice cream, get excited about the colorful lights, smile and feel 12 years old again. 

I am 31, single and i have the privilage to live alone, dance in the kitchen, plan a trip to Asia on my own and have the world at my feet, waiting for me to discover it. 

Today i had the luxury to feel 12 years old again and i can do it all over again, again and again. Whenver i want, no planning, get up and go.

Solo, but not lonely. Free.

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