The most Beautiful Lagoons in Peru: From Humantay to Laguna Paron

One of Peru’s most special features are the Cordilla Blanca and snowy mountain tops, with turquoise colored lagoons at the foot of this gigantic, outstanding mountains. Before every trip, I do a lot of research on Instagram and travelers’ blogs online. It is very important for me to find the most unique spots and those less touristic and explored, yet accessible and safe, as I am a female solo traveler. Most traveling blog articles present lists of top things to do and spots to visit, by geographical region. While this can be really useful when you are traveling for long periods of time and you’ve got all the time in the world to discover South America, if you are traveling for a limited time and plan to spend longer in Peru, you will want to make the most of it, and not find yourself visiting every beautiful laguna there is, and there are many.

I have traveled around Peru for a fantastic month, I haven’t visited all the lakes and lagoons in Peru, but If you are planning trekking to Machu Pichu, Santa Cruz or Huayhuash trek in Huaraz, Peru’s trekking town, you will definitely get to see the top and best lagoons in Peru

Santa Cruz trek in Huaraz, 4 days 3 nights, on the first day the stunning view from above of Cordilla Blanca and Laguna Llaganuco, at 4676m

Then you climb up to 4,750m, and at the top of a very steep climb and behind a mountain top, a breathtaking view opens up

Before embarking on your Santa Cruz or Huayhuash trek, it is highly recommended by yours truly and other more experienced than me in altitude and acclimatization to the crazy elevation, to do some day trips, and I chose to hike up to beautiful laguna Paron, the view after 45 minutes hiking up

And enjoy the view from at the foot of the laguna


Pastourori Glacier  at an elevation of 4,800m, easy day trip from Huaraz

It’s about 40 minutes of walk from the entrance to the glacier

Spending some time in Cusco? you definitely should and must hike up to Lake Humantay, about 2 hours hike up to the turquoise lake

Peru’s landscape is an absolute dream for any hiker and its beautiful lagoons are the ideal spot to relax and enjoy the view after a very long and challenging climb. From day trips to multi-day treks, the extraordinary turquoise colored lagoons are countless and they will take your breath away every single time, but the ones I had the chance to visit are absolutely spectacular.

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  1. texaslawstudent says:

    Awesome pictures! Was it fun? 🙂


    1. paulinajukov says:

      It was a bit challenging, but awesome!

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        Nice! 😀


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