From Cusco to Lima: Traveling with Peru Hop

As a female solo traveler, one of the things that occupies me most when I plan a trip and choose the destination is safety. I am pretty independent and prefer walking from place to place, so getting around from city to city and in the city  without looking over my shoulder is very important.  So, last April when I was researching online on the best way to travel from Cusco to Lima, on my way to Huaraz, I came across Peru Hop bus. Initially I planned to go with the flow and not plan too much in advance, however, I forgot one simple fact, Easter time in Peru, and this meant I was around this time in Cusco, all flights were either booked or overpriced and I was traveling on low budget. Peru Hop is a really cool way of traveling for solo travelers and really any traveler if you wish to save time, safe, and see some cool sites, without fuss and have everything planned out.

I booked my Quick to Lima bus ticket; 4 days, from Cusco to Lima, passing through Huacachina and Paracas with Ballestas Islands on a super clean bus with booked activities in Paracas and Huacachina, and lunch the following day, as the first day is overnight ride and was the longest ride.

So, we left Cusco at 8pm and arrived to our next destination, Huacachina, with a short stop to see the Nazca lines, the next day. Regarding accommodation, you can either book it yourself or book with one of the hostels that collaborate with Peru Hop. When traveling to Hoacachina, it is better to book your accommodation in Huacachina, it is super small and you’ll be surrounded with views of the oasis and sand dunes, that are amazing. Anything else will be a bit far and you’ll need to travel by taxi, which is a bit of a hassle. The sand boogie is absolutely amazing and was one of the best things I did on this trip!

After spending the night in Huacachina, we left for Paracas, national park and Ballestas island. Paracas was on my bucket list thanks to its amazing coastline, it is where the desert meets the sea, literally, I have never seen anything like it, moon like landscape with bluest ocean stretching out

The entrance to Paracas national park is included in the tour with Peru Hop

The tour to Ballestas islands is for additional cost. Ballestas islands are these amazing rock islands in the ocean, an hour away from Paracas by boat, where you can see penguins, sea lions and lots of birds in their natural habitat.

We continued straight to Lima, after a couple of hours exploring Paracas national park. We arrived to Lima at around 10pm and the plan was for each of us to be dropped off in our hostel. As I have mentioned before, safety is very important as a female solo traveler and walking around in Lima, after dark, is not something I looked forward. Peru Hop’s drop off system was remarkable and very thoughtful. From bus shuttles to drop off at the door step of your hostel, your safety is priority.

Overall, my experience with Peru Hop was amazing and I was really surprised at the organization level and guides, with the tourists’ needs in mind at all times. It’s a great way to travel across South America, especially as a solo traveler, with Bolivia Hop and new Ecuador Hop buses. It saved me time and worries, at a very reasonable price.

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