10 Fun things to do in Prague: Travel Solo to Prague

Before traveling to Prague, I have heard a lot of wonderful things about it, a city that is all magic, beautiful architecture, stunning view points, bridges, beer  that is cheaper than water (yes!), delicious food, castles and parks so evergreen and perfect for picnics. So, right after returning my trip to Peru, I booked a ticket to Prague, booked my stay in Hostel Ananas, just 5 minutes from the old town square and with a metro station below it, I was all packed for 3 days in Prague at the end of May.

While I’ve read in many online blogs that 3 days in Prague is too little, in my experience 3 days is plenty of time to get a taste of the city, even on rainy days, as I had, visit the view points, drink plenty of beer and taste Chezch cuisine and meet great people. So, here’s a list of great things you could do in Prague from amazing breakfasts to cocktails and best beer spots to things to do when it rains!

  1. Breakfastival – I am a breakfast kind of gal. After landing in my hostel after an early morning flight, I simply couldn’t start the day without heading to Cafe Louvre to spoil myself in a grand cafe with spectacular interior, that takes you back to old Europe with their traditional Czech breakfast, assorted sausage, cheese, pickled cucumber and cafe, since 1902. Another favorite of mine is Den Noc with the best pancakes ever! sweet or salty, there is something divine for every taste and having had breakfast there once, I regretted not having found this small cafe earlier on my trip, but it just means I have another excellent reason to go back to Prague, food is always a fantastic reason to travel and probably what we remember most, right?

Breakfast in Cafe Louvre

Den Noc pancakes

2. Join a free city waking tour – free walking tours are not actually free (a generous tip is highly welcomed) but are a fantastic way to begin the trip and get a sense of do’s and don’ts in Prague (like don’t waste time waiting for the famous clock tower because it the show only last 10 sec and it’s plenty of time for pickpocketing in a huge crowd of tourists), best food spots with lunch menus, and a bit history and culture about the famous landmarks in Prague. Free walking tours leave every day at 11.00am from hostel Ananas for 2-3 hours walk around the old city quarter, through the Jewish quarter, square and up to the bridge.

3. Try Czech cuisine

One of the best things about the city walking tour is that our wonderful guide, Katia, gave us some great recommendations for lunch. When you are traveling solo or on a budget, places with fixed lunch menus – first and main course with drink, can make a lot of difference, because it means you can taste local dishes, without compromising your budget and have a great time with other travelers from the walking tour:)

So, for lunch in the new town head to Repre restaurant and order Svíčková (braised beef) with dumplings. This delicious dish is quite heavy with rich sour cream, potatoe dumplings and beef, especially after soup as the first course and beer on the side

Lunch in Prague

4. Castles and forts

One of the most impressive things in Prague are castles. Every castle is a complex of architectural structures, churches overlooking the bridges and the city. During my 3-day holiday in Prague I had visited 2 such castles: Prague Castle and Vyšehrad fort on the right bank of the Vlatava River. Prague Castle is spectacular during the day and night and from Vyšehrad fort an amazing view of Prague and its red roof tops opens up. The fort is a truly hidden gem and if you only have 3 days in Prague, you should definitely pay it a visit.


The views of the fort


5.  Classical music in an old and gorgeous church

Prague is known for its stunning churches and even if you are not a believer nor practice religion, you will still be able to admire and enjoy the beauty of churches and especially enjoy listening to live classical music performances in a church like Saint Giles church. A hidden gem in the old town, it is absolutely remarkable in ornamentation and frescoes in the evening. This is simply a must to do in Prague and for an hour show you’ll definitely find the time to squeeze it in a tight itinerary. It’s a great way to spend a rainy evening in the city! Tickets are often sold right at the church entrance.

6. Wander around Mala Strana

Just over the busy and crowded Charles Bridge, a charming and picturesque neighborhood, Mala Strana, awaits. Beautiful and colorful architecture, this small kingdom, is where you can find the real Prague, climb up to Petrin view point and walk through its green and ancient parks. Begin your way from Lonnon Wall and up through the streets to Vojanovy gardens and to Kafka Museum. I spend an entire day just walking around

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The views


7. Beer and cocktails

You are in Prague, which means beer is cheaper than water or coffee and the bar scene is fantastic! Spring and summer are perfect for a cold beer on the shores of Vlatava river in one of the beer gardens! Just sitting and enjoying the views and the boats is super relaxing after a whole day exploring the city.

Hemingway is a cool cocktail bar with a huge selection of cocktails, not far from the old town square.

8. Walk over Letna Park and Cech Bridge

While Charles bridge is the most famous bridge and indeed it is very impressive, it is also very touristic and crowded. I have found the views from Cech bridge much more stunning and had Prague’s views all to myself, after enjoying the views from the top in Letna Park.

9. Try Pickled sausages

Perfect for a light dinner, pickled sausage is THE dish to try in a small cafe in the old town.

Prague Cuisine

10. When it’s rain…

Check out if there are any cool exhibitions. During my 3 days’ trip in Prague it was raining for 2 afternoons, but I was lucky to be in town when there was an exhibition of 3 great artists: Dali, Warhol and Mucha. 3 very different artists to discover if you love art.

Prague is an amazing city and 3 days is perfect to discover its beauty and explore the most magical and fun places. It gets pretty crowded around May, but when it’s one of the most popular cities in Europe, it’s probably crowded all year round and means you have more chances to meet other travelers and explore the city together.





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