3 Amazing Days in Eilat: Great things to do Solo

Eilat is the Southern point in Israel, bordering with Egypt and famous for the Red Sea, the ultimate beach vacation destination, amazing underwater world and party, for the young and beautiful. Eilat is perfect for solo travelers, and I am going to share a few special and unforgettable things you can do alone and spend 3 amazing days in Eilat.

Have Breakfast on the Beach  – Nine Beach

September through October is the perfect time to visit Eilat, it’s still hot, yet there is a nice breeze, beginning from September, that makes the super high temperatures more bearable and Eilat morning and evenings by the beach, ideal for Shakshuka and coffee with a view.

Nine Beach offers a great menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, wonderful coffee, music and the most comfortable sitting, umbrellas and quick access to the sea. While you wait for your breakfast or lunch to arrive, you can dip and have a swim in the cool Red Sea.

Chill at Sunset in Mosh Beach

With cushions, wooden tables, under the trees, when you walk in to Mosh Beach, you feel like you walked in to another world of chill, good vibes and overpriced smoothies:) It gets pretty crowded during the day, and it is better to arrive afternoon or early morning to grab a spot in this kingdom and welcome the end of the day and be thankful for the opportunity to travel and enjoy life with a glass of wine, beer or a snack. You can find a quite corner and enjoy a good book or simply watch the people.


Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

Eilat is amazing for snorkeling and diving. Last time I was in Eilat with friends, we went snorkeling in the Coral Beach Natural Reserve and it was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. The fish are so colorful and I could easily spend an entire day watching them. It gets pretty crowded in the reserve, so this time I decided to try scuba diving, to see as much as possible, in a different site and try diving for the first time. I booked a 40 minutes’ introduction dive with Ahla dive center + underwater photography.

The introduction dive includes a private instructor, who also takes the pics and videos on his GOPRO, a basic training on communication underwater, gear and transport to and from the site, the Caves diving site. It was absolutely amazing and I will definitely return for a diving course.


Grab a smoothie and explore the promenade

Palm trees, shopping and beaches – Eilat’s promenade has got it all. If you love shopping, restaurants or feel in tropical paradise.

Essential things to know for first-timers in Eilat

Where to stay?

Ahla hostel is basically a villa turned into a quite hostel, 5 minutes walking from the Eilat mall and promenade. It is 10 minutes walk from Nine beach ams 30 minutes from Mosh beach. There’s a bus stop 2 minutes away from the hostel and the central bus station is 20 minutes away. There’s a great terrace in the hostel with hammocks for a nap.

How to get to Eilat from Tel-Aviv?

The cheapest way to travel tp Eilat is by bus. 5-6 hours with 2 stops on the way. A return ticket is 112 nis.

Essential things to pack

*flip flops or Chaco sandals – the beach in Eilat is pretty rocky and there are pebbles, so my Chaco sandals were a lifesaver.

*Sunblock – the sun in Eilat is pretty fierce, so bring your sunscreen to hacr safe fun in the sun.



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