Travel Solo on a Budget: 13 Fun Around the World under $30

Traveling alone is an amazing experience. It is liberating, empowering and unforgettable, from the moment you book the flight ticket, to finalizing the itinerary and to realizing you are making it all on your own, in a foreign country. Regardless of how wonderful it is, traveling alone in comparison to traveling with friends, can be a bit more pricey and therefore I am sure many people decide to wait for a traveling partner and postpone the journey of a lifetime.

After traveling to South America, South East Asia and Europe alone, I have learned to be resourceful, do my research in advance and now I want to share with you 13 amazing and fun things you can totally do when you travel alone on a budget around the world, and spend the most memorable days, under $30:

#1 Devour Italian pizza with a refreshing Eperol and the best view in the Italian island of Murano for €15.

#2 Enjoy a classical live show at one of Prague’s churches or cathedrals, tickets start at €20.

#3 In spring, have a cup of coffee or beer by the river bank in Prague

#4 Have a vegan breakfast and enjoy delicious berries at Florence’s street market, San Lorenzo market

#5 Create your own delicious sandwich at Panini Toscani café in Florence with a glass of red wine, at Florence’s Cathedral square

#6 Discover the best of Prague in only 2 hours and at $10 with a free city walking tour

#7 Be a queen for a day in the magnificent Versailles gardens and castle, entrance to the gardens is free;) Round train ticket from Paris to Versailles village is around $9


#8 Enjoy the beautiful views of Santorini island from a bird’s eye view point – travel to Pyrgos by bus for only €2.5 and hike up to Pyrgos Monastery, where there are views of the entire island of Santorini

#9 Discover a world wonder and the Inca world and visit the unusual round Inca agricultural terraces in Morray with a day trip from Cusco to the Sacred Valley for $30


#10 Rainbows exist on earth too – Hike up to rainbow mountain and Red Valley in Cusco, with a guide and organized tour from Cusco

#11 Explore impressive and intriguing Angkor Wat temple complex with a private tuk tuk guide. I spend a full day exploring the complex in Siem Reap solo with a private driver, who took great pictures of me for $17 per day.


#12 Taste the best of Israeli & Mediterranean cuisine in Tel-Aviv’s Carmel or Jerusalem’s Mahne Yehuda famous markets: Sabich sandwich or Falafel in Pitta bread or sweet Baklawa for dessert, priced at 10-15 NIS($3-5).

#13 Admire the views of all Jerusalem from the rooftop of the Austrian hospice. Entrance is 5 NIS($1.5).

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