A pink umbrella, sea and wet feet

I don’t know how you celebrate your birthday, but for me it’s a production.  Months of planning, research online, brainstorming with my friend, financial calculations and a lot of anxiety. When you reach a certain age, getting jewelry or eating out in a nice restaurant is just not enough.

I need adventures. However, if all your friends are married or in relationships, it becomes a challenge to get them to do anything that requires their significant other staying at home. This is how I became the solo aventuriste.

Waking up on the 17th of Dec. to grey sky and rain wasn’t the ideal beginning to my special day.  I couldn’t hike in The Negev or Carmel mount. No worries: I had plan B. In spite of the fact that my best friend tried to convince me to stay in, I put on my shoes, coat, bought bananas and a brand new and huge pink umbrella and embarked on my trip to Apollonia national park in Herzliya. I took a bus from Netanya to Nof Yam junction and from there walked for 30 min. When I arrived I was so happy I decided to follow my desires and vision.


The park is located on a hill that overlooks Herzeliya shores and greenish-blue sea. It is an archaeological site of the Crusader’s fortress.

As you can see, even under the umbrella the view is spectacular! for those of you who don’t like hiking a lot, don’t worry it’s only a one hour trip. I came home with wet feet but full of inspiration for a new post.

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