Pride, Love and Summer TLV Style


Walking alone in a crowd of people can be intimidating. Especially for an introvert like me. I have never felt comfortable in a big group of people and definitely feel funny when i walk into a room full of people on my own. That’s why i wasn’t sure attending 2016 Pride Parade in Tel-Aviv will be a success. Therefore i made plans to meet with friends, but anyone who has ever been to street parties or parades knows that once you are a few minutes late, you can forget of ever finding your friends.

So, I found myself walking alone, and let me tell you this- what an amazing experience! with everyone around me, walking for the right to love and be loved, i felt alive, happy and free of fears. Tel Aviv was on fire, literally because it was one of the hottest days and because everyone were on fire, dancing in the streets and celebrating life. Wearing heels, bikini and shorts everyone were showing their true beautiful colors. You could see the rainbow in every person. It Stared at 10 am in Meir garden and continued on Herbert Samuel street to Charles Clore garden. I marched with them, alone. Because i believe no has the right to tell you how to love and whom to love. We are all made of stars, shining in the darkness and in the crazy summer sun. WE are all beautiful and deserve to love and be loved in return. So i walked alone, with them, I forgot all my funny feelings, and felt brave because of all those who are not afraid to fight for the right to love and shout it in the streets and from the rooftops.

Don’t be afraid to be you, you are a star-so shine.

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