Wildlife Photography in TLV

This year it was my first time, but definitely not the last. Hung in two floors, were amazing pics of wildlife, nature and animals in their natural environment captured in their magnificent colors and in spectacular moments. As i walked and looked in amazement i saw two young wolves watching a butterfly, whales and amazing captures of nature;sandy deserts, oceans blue and deep and i got to sit on one of the colorful chairs, surrounded by the works of amazing photographers and take it all in. A photographer sat for hours or days waiting for the perfect moment, image and story to tell and i was sitting, trying to read his story and have a perfect moment of my own.

Photography is one of the best books in the world, unusual composition, preparation and spontaneity come together to tell a story, the story of our life and world. I love it and you  will too. The exhibition is open until end of August, go and see. See the butterfly, swim with the whales and run in nature. It will inspire you to take your own camera and explore the world. 



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