Music, Jazz, but no blues

I am a huge music fan, in any language, style and mood- I can’t live without it. After travelling and dancing, live music is the ultimate free time activity so this time i’ll tell you about my Saturday night date with the amazing Route66 band!

I was never a fan of Jazz and blues, but one day as i was scrolling down my FB feed an event popped up announcing Route66, a jazz & blues band will be giving a live concert at the famous Shablul Jazz club in Tel-Aviv port.

After listening to some tunes, moving my body and loving it, I bought a ticket at a great price and on Saturday found myself having a cold beer and listening to the great tunes of this band.

Most of the audience were in their 50’s and they were having the time of their lives, moving to the upbeat and fun Jazz rhythm. I found myself smiling and dancing from my seat. The lead singer was awesome and the band members produced sounds that will not fall a lot behind legendary Jazz musician! Making you forget all your blues-this one is just a must for any music lover!

It’s time to take yourself on a date, try new things and listen to music that will make your heart beat.

Next time you are in TLV be sure to try this cool Jazz club, you will not regret it!

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