How I discovered the Hot Latin Mama in me

We(women and some men) would love to move around like Shakira or Jenifer Lopez! They look so confident that is smoking hot, when they move it is as if the floor is on fire and they lit it. Now, I have danced growing up, every style-you name it I have tried it, but nothing ever made me feel like salsa does and nothing was ever as hard as Cuban Salsa.

I have searched online for many years and finally a friend told me about this young and free group that gives Salsa lessons once a week and manage a salsa party after lessons. I was sacred to go alone(I had no partner), never really danced with a strange guy, especially an intimate style like this.However, every inch of my body screamed “GO!”, so I went and fell in love.

at the beginning it was extremely hard to trust and let a strange guy lead me- I love being independent and lead(don’t we all?) and for me it was hard just dancing with a guy, there is something very intimidating and personal in letting someone lead you and surrender to his moves. Surrender-that’s what I did and let me tell you I definitely found the latin hot mama in myself.

She doesn’t come out in every dance or with any guy. Sometimes she feels sleepy after a long week or not in the mood. But, sometimes the right guy comes along and boy she is on fire! I disappear in the dance and my body comes to life.

Some people asked me how i went without knowing anyone, when it requires dancing with strangers, I say it is hard, but gets easier with time and dancing and it is worth it. Because at least once a week, I forget all my fears, anxieties, work, trust issues with men, and i just dance as if no one sees me, and as if everyone are looking, because i am a latin queen and I love it!

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