Have you ever descended 1,100 stairs?

14484774_10154510097789030_7929628971314833658_nI have.

It all happened when i felt that urge inside, that desire to try something new and discover another hidden spot. I remembered that my friend told me once about the 1,000 stairs trail in Haifa, located in North of Israel, with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea and surrounded with green trees and hills.

Then I woke up super early on one Friday morning-it is best  to get there early and enjoy the fresh air and quiet city before it gets to business. I took a bus to Nof Yam st. and walked to Louie promenade where an amazing view of the sea and entire downtown revealed itself to me. Absolutely breathtaking- the blue sky, and green everywhere. It is really a great spot to take pictures of Haifa for your Instagram, family, selfies and just for your photo album. You can also have your coffee and breakfast there. You will find benches to sit and take in the view as you take a sip from your coffee.

Once you are ready to continue you will find sign everywhere, directing you to hidden stairs, green and shaded alleys that will make you feel you are walking in a magical forest. The entire trail takes about two hours and eventually you will arrive to the stone houses of Wadi Nisnas. Haifa is know for being a great city, where Jewish people live alongside Arabs in friendship and peace. Wadi Nisnas is a great architectural gem with the stone houses, resembling Jerusalem stone. You can walk in the narrow streets and taste the Muslim style and have a glimpse into their lives. From there you can continue by foot to the city the city center, Grab Hummus or another traditional Arabic dish, but be ready for an plate for two!  You can always relax in the gorgeous Aroma branch, designed in an oriental style. They have a great and affordable selection of everything!

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, in winter or summer- you’ve got lots of stairs walk and a lot to explore in this fantastic and picturesque city!

I had a great Friday in Haifa, enjoying silence and view! I got up at six, but days like these are totally worth!

Go out-Explore-Enjoy!

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