Once upon a time in Jerusalem

Once upon a time there was a girl who had an office 8-5 job in a small office in Tel Aviv. This girl had a dream of going to a magical city, where air is clear and the smell of pines fills every breathe and gives shade under the burning sun. So one Sunday she she made a wish to visit that magical city on the following Friday and marked down in her calendar.

Finally Friday had arrived, she jumped out of bed, stood in front of the closet for 10 minutes, eventually put on a pair of jeans, blue top and sneakers- She was all ready to go! She rushed to the bus and at the end of a very winding road, beyond green hills and traffic lights, she has arrived. Imagine how delighted she was! She bought herself a cup of coffee in Aroma and  embarked on foot to explore this city so many have traveled to and explored.

Destination-Nachla’ot. After a 20-minutes walk from the central bus station she has entered through a secret gate into the most magical and charming neighborhood. Stone houses, colorful windows, plantation and art work embellished this beautiful gem. A special atmosphere prevailed,  serenity rested in every corner and time stopped amid these beautiful fairy tale homes, while outside its walls everyone got ready for Shabbat in the hectic and crowded Shuk Machne Yehuda.

The girl walked here and there, and then back again, breathing in the fresh air, scented with pine trees and magic. She took pictures in her camera, as it is possible to capture the magic, sights, and unique gems in a single image. She captured the street signs, balconies, windows as though she tried to have a glimpse into it soul.

At the end she realized time is precious and continued to the next gem, on the way she went lost and I don’t know if you know, but we arrive to amazing destinations when we don’t plan at all. She crossed the street, passed Rechavia and stepped into a beautiful, wide, green and breathtaking promenade. She sat under the pine trees and felt she was in a far away land, where everything was a trip everyday, beautiful views and stone houses.

Unfortunately she had to rush back; you see she doesn’t own a car, prefers bus rides over going crazy on the crazy roads.She got back to the market, ate with her eyes the sweet Halva, Arabic sweets, drank a fresh squeezed orange juice and had pasta for lunch.

I just love Jerusalem and its amazing architecture. It inspires me every time and makes me dream of lands not traveled yet and stories not written yet. Now imagine you are missing such an amazing day because you are too tired or don’t afraid of getting bored all alone. Someone once told me he wouldn’t travel anywhere alone because he wouldn’t have anyone to share it with and with whom to admire the fantastic views.

Well, I share it with you. Don’t hesitate, pack your backpack, take water, fruit, crackers or nuts and start your own journey. Jerusalem is waiting for you and she has the most amazing and charming alleys to get lost in. Happy wandering!

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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Definitely intent on coming over soon!


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