Top 3 Places to watch the sunset in Tel- Aviv

Whether you are a freelancer or employee, working 9 or 6 hours per day, you probably still work with people, demanding bosses and clients. Well, at least I do, work 9 hours per day, managing social media platforms for 10 clients, each with their own voice, style and character. At the end of the day…

Explore Nachlat Binyamin Street: Top 5 Things to do in the arts & crafts market

Nachlat Binyamin is one of the most colorful and trendiest streets in Tel-Aviv. Located right in the center, opposite the famous Carmel market, it is THE place hang out at on Tuesdays and Fridays. Inspirational graffiti art covers the colorful buildings’ walls, renovated ancient houses and crumbling old buildings are part of the street’s magic….

Jaffa Flea Market: Friday Morning Fun

Friday morning in Israel is the busiest time of the week; the markets are full of people doing their shopping for the weekend (from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening everything is closed), but at Jaffa’s flea market and surrounding you can let your soul rest and let Shuk Hapishpeshim work its magic on you. In…

Explore Tel-Aviv

What’s the best thing to do solo? It’s not eating, dancing or running, but exploring the city and country you live in. No need to spend a fortune, learn a new language, leave your friends and family, find a home sitter or worry how you are going to pay for rent and live without a…

Photography, People, Perspective.


Imagine you are alone, walk into a hall and there it is, a picture that speaks louder than words and it is speaking to you. All you need is listen, admire and contemplate. There is no one around, that is the magic in attending the International photography festival, taking place in Jaffa Port, Tel-Aviv, Israel. A magic I experienced yesterday and loved it!