Explore Nachlat Binyamin Street: Top 5 Things to do in the arts & crafts market

Nachlat Binyamin is one of the most colorful and trendiest streets in Tel-Aviv. Located right in the center, opposite the famous Carmel market, it is THE place hang out at on Tuesdays and Fridays. Inspirational graffiti art covers the colorful buildings’ walls, renovated ancient houses and crumbling old buildings are part of the street’s magic. Twice a week Nachlat Binyamin comes to life when the Israeli artists display their  unique art in stands across the street, presenting the finest of Israeli art. This street fair is where you can shop for souvenirs, gifts, learn about Israeli culture, enjoy live music by Tel Avivian musicians, try local Israeli cuisine and get inspired on a beautiful sunny day in Tel-Aviv. It is the perfect place to spend some quality time, enjoying the city’s vibe and energy on your own, remember Solo, but not Lonely! So, to help you get your feet out of the door and out of your comfort zone, without feeling lonely, here are 5 fantastic things you can do in Nachlat Binyamin’s arts and crafts fair:

  1. Enjoy live music

Along with terrific art stands, you can enjoy a free music gig right on the corners of Nachlat Binyamin. On one end a classic musicians quartet playing the very best of classic music and on the other hand young Tel-Avivian musician covering the most popular hits on a funky piano, or Pantam, a drumming instrument that produces graceful sounds. For a modest donation, you can spend an entire Friday morning just watching and enjoying wonderful music, and completely for free! Just open your ears and follow the tunes, next time you are in Nahlat Binyamin.

2. Have your portrait taken

Nachlat Binyamin’s fair presents the finest and funkiest artwork, and portraits are no exception. From fun caricatures to classic style, have your portrait done in pencil or bright colors, just sit back, relax and let the artists capture your soul and heart, in a wonderful portrait, you can later frame and display proudly in your home. A wonderful souvenir from a great sunny day in Tel-Aviv.


3. Shop for memorable gifts

Bring back a small painting of Tel-Aviv’s coastline, Neve Tzedek or colorful Nahlat Binyamin, a handmade bracelet or earrings, leather journal to write down your memories for your trip to Israel and other spectacular pieces that show the beauty of the country and make your loved ones feel they have walked Israel’s magical streets with you.

4. Explore Graffiti art

One of the most notable things about Nahlat Binyamin street is the colorful buildings and art embellishing the walls. As you explore the street, don’t forget to look up, what you will notice are the colorful renovated buildings among the crumbling old buildings. These colorful buildings are also featured with graffiti art, the most modern and artistic form of political and social expression. Poems, Super heroes and symbolic figures, such as Theodor Herzl face each other and create powerful messages about society and life in Israel, the human state, love and art for the sake of art. Follow the art and let me know what you discover.

5. Try Israeli cuisine

Nahlat Binyamin is full of coffee shops and restaurants where you can try the best of Israeli cuisine: Falafel, Hummus in Pita bread, Sabich and other delicious dishes. You can also just walk across the street to the famous Carmel market and shop for fresh ingredients if you wish to cook by yourself.

These are my 5 favorite things to do in Nachlat Binyamin, Friday morning in Tel-Aviv. Food, music, art and great vibes all in one place, what more can you ask for?


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