Top 3 Places to watch the sunset in Tel- Aviv

Whether you are a freelancer or employee, working 9 or 6 hours per day, you probably still work with people, demanding bosses and clients. Well, at least I do, work 9 hours per day, managing social media platforms for 10 clients, each with their own voice, style and character. At the end of the day you just want to unwind, relax, enjoy the silence and maybe watch a sunset. Working  full-time in Israel, leaves very little time for the small beauties in life, that even getting to the beach on time for sunset, becomes a race, an adventure.

Yes, I love sunsets, and get emotional every single time, feeling privileged watching the sunset, it is one of my favorite things to do solo. Living in the big city has its benefits when you are solo, but it means that chasing the sunsets becomes another challenge, nonetheless, i have been lucky to watch some of the best sunsets in 2 of the best spots in Tel-Aviv:

Gordon Beach

This beach is under a magnificent spell, whenever i get the chance to view the sunset, this is definitely the best spot. Look at those colors, simply unbelievable, enjoying such beauty is simply a blessing and inspiration at the end of a long and tiring day.  5 min’ walk from the busy Dizengoff street in Tel- Aviv, just grab a shake, a book if you get there a bit early, find a spot on the sand or limestone rocks by the shore and you have got front row seats to the most beautiful sunsets in Israel.


Old Jaffa

Walk through the alleys, turn around the corner, pass the art galleries until you reach the view point. The sun sets on Jaffa’s walls, behind the tower, into the sea, coloring the sky in shades of pink, orange and blue. It has been setting on Israel’s shores for eternity and will continue to set before me, you and those after us for another eternity, but for now, getting away from the big city noise into the past, silence and picturesque streets is yet another fantastic way to end a busy day and just unwind.

These pics were taken from the the stone stairs in the center of Old Jaffa, overlooking Jaffa’s port.


Tel- Aviv Port

North of Tel-Aviv, right behind shopping center and restaurants – is my third favorite spot for watching the sunset. Cool concrete seats are waiting for you on the wooden port front row seats under sun umbrellas. Walk along the promenade, watch the waves break against the concrete wall, children having a blast chasing the waves, Tel- Aviv port is serene, hidden and always provides a stunning view of the sunset.

For most of us, watching the sunset at the end of the day is an adventure; managing to leave the office 5 min. earlier, catching a bus to the beach or our favorite view point and finally exhaling, opening our eyes and feeling like winners. I did my best today and that is all that matters.

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